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Meet Courtney Kenney

Book Launch Strategist

"I'm launching my book. It's overwhelming!"

I hear this a lot from clients. A book launch has many moving parts, and it feels like you should be doing 100 things. But in reality, the more focused your book launch is, the better!

That's where I come in. After two decades as a corporate project manager, I help authors create a book launch strategy, project plan, and get ORGANIZED. 

Authors can get bogged down in the details, so I take the mystery out of book marketing, so you can have fun with your book launch.


Here's to more joy

I launched my business in 2016 after sixteen years as a project manager (Motorola & Workday). I’m the author of Creating Space to Thrive and 12+ sci-fi books under an award-nominated pen name. I'm walking this path right alongside you, sharing the best of what I find along the way.

Helping Authors Launch central business values:

  1. Be Truthful

  2. Be Generous

  3. Work for the highest good for all involved

  4. Protect confidentiality

  5. Let it be simple, let it be fun!

I look forward to getting to know you better!

Interested in a custom book launch?
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